Guest Post (Mac Lake)…

Team Development

Mac Lake puts out some GREAT leadership stuff… like today’s post on non-negotiables when developing your team.  Mac writes:

Here are 5 Non-Negotiable actions I would require as a team leader that will help build a culture of leadership development among your team.

1.  Require written goals – Have the individuals on your team turn in a one page written summary of their goals for the next 4 months.  This lays the ground work for shared expectations and gives you a basis from which to coach their performance.

2.  Require regular 1-1′s. Meet with each person on your team at least once a month if  not twice a month.  During those meetings review their goals, ask what problems they are encountering and use it as a time for individual coaching.

3.  Require reading – A team that reads together learns together.  Reading a leadership book and discussing it during team meetings creates an atmosphere of shared learning and development.

4.  Require reproduction – Leaders should be producing leaders.  Ram Charan in his book Leaders at All Levels recommends that everyone in your organization have “raising up new leaders” as a part of their job description.  When someone is teaching others to lead it reinforces those principles in their own life.

5.  Require evaluation – Have times of regular evaluation as a team.  Ask them:  What have we been doing well?  What can we learn from that?  Where do we need to improve?  What can we learn from that?


Are you part of a team? Are you leading a team? What part are you playing?  Thoughts???

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