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Do you have an Avatar?


“In the movie Avatar, Marine Jake Sully is a paraplegic whose military assignment is to gather intel by using an “avatar” identity. Even though he was broken, the avatar he lived through virtually was broken, the avatar he lived through virtually was strong, powerful, and whole. The avatar everyone saw was radically different than the Jake Sully no one saw. Many of us in ministry feel the need to assume an “avatar” identity.”
This is a quote from a book I’m reading for a Coaching Network I’m in with Tony Morgan

It’s a book I haven’t been able to stop reading… It’s a book that EVERY Minister needs to read..

It has me asking myself a LOT of internal questions about motives, heart, eternal significance & effectiveness in my own life…

The older I get, the less concern I have with what I have or have not done and the more concern I have for what I have or have not become.


MORE HIM, less me



“It is good for workers to have an appetite; an empty stomach drives them on.”

That’s one of my favorite verses from Proverbs. It’s sort of funny how we forget at times why we work. We work so we can eat and feed our families. We don’t work just to work. We work for a goal.

Well, maybe we don’t forget why we work. But many artists do forget why they create.

We don’t create just to make something beautiful. We create out of hunger. Or at least we should. We need to be starving artists – using our art to propel us to something greater. Our art needs to be our food.

What are you trying to accomplish with your art? Are you desperate for it?

If not, you’ll probably never create to your capacity. You’ll dabble here and there. You’ll make some pretty stuff every now and then. But you’ll never truly create anything revolutionary.

Every creative revolution was birthed out of hunger. Hunger to see the world differently. Hunger to change the world. There needs to be hunger to drive the artist on.

So I ask you. What are you hungry for? What will propel you to create to your full capacity?

I follow this guy, he’s got some good stuff…