One Baby, Five Words…

blue_eyes_cute_baby-photoIt’s funny how the smallest things can make the largest impact… We are in the time of year that we give thanks for things and celebrate time with family & friends… We’re going to give gifts that are bought, handmade or maybe you received before and didn’t like/couldn’t use… Some of those gifts, whether big or small, expensive or inexpensive, mean the world to us… Everyone has different gifts that they have treasured since they were kids, or since they’ve been married, graduated college, or some other major life event…

There is one gift that we all have been given that has redefined five words: hope, peace, love, joy & messiah… Those five words have been forever redefined since the birth of Jesus… You know, that seemingly insignificant born in a barn birth… That “born to a virgin” birth, that born in the middle of nowhere birth…


My Point:

This Christmas, I have the privilege of spending time with some great people… I will both give and receive gifts, but I will NEVER receive a gift that compares with the one that happened a VERY long time ago… Jesus!!! He’s a free gift available to all, but not all will accept this gift… will you?


MORE HIM, less me


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