Everybody believes in Santa, Right?


I just got back from an event we do every year, it’s called “Breakfast with Santa”. We had about 160 people show up from our community… 80-90% were non-attenders of our church. Mrs. Claus greeted them as they entered the building as Santa was sitting in a chair taking pictures with the kids… As I stood there watching kids go sit on Santa’s lap and tell them what they want for Christmas, the look in the eyes of the kids was amazing!!! The REALLY believed that that was Santa, and that he was going to bring them what they had asked him for!!!! Think about that, they believed IN someone, AND believed that he was going to DO what he said he would do!!!

Are YOU someone that is worthy of believing in? I hope so…
Do you believe what God says?
Do you believe that He will do what He says he will do?

My Point: If we could believe like those kids, have faith like those kids, wouldn’t life look a little different?

MORE HIM, less me

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