Chris-myth Busters


I had the privilege of watching our kids ministry put on a presentation today called “Chris-myth Busters”it’s a story about a Michael, he’s a pretty big kid…adopted…and a bit of an annoying trivia buff. When Michael starts busting some myths about Christmas to Ethan’s friends, it causes quite a stir. Ethan, Lily and Abby begin to wonder:

they posed several thought provoking comments: Were there more or less than three Wise Men? Was Jesus really born on December 25th? And what about the angels…did they sing or not? What…no innkeeper?

It was neat to see the adults’ reactions to those questions the kids were asking…you could see eye brows raised, “question mark” type looks…

You see, Christmas has been infused with what “WE” think it was like, we have added our own thoughts and ideas about it… three wise men because there were three gifts, etc…

The truth is, we can very easily get caught up in the “festivity” of this season… The truth about why Jesus came is everywhere in Scripture.

My Point: let’s just read the story as it’s written, not adding anything, or taking anything away… We don’t have to understand everything, lets just take it to mean what it means… God loves us enough to send his Son to this earth to give us HOPE!!

MORE HIM, less me

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