As I sit here deciding whether or not to leave my “Thursday Morning Office (Starbucks)” I looked outside only to see a DOWNPOUR… It’s raining like crazy!!! On December 20th… Who would’ve guessed that… One after another, people are coming into my “office” complaining about the weather, complaining about getting there leather coats wet, not having the right shoes on, hating this weather, talking about the pending storm that’s coming, etc… The longer I sat there the more I began to agree with them. YEAH, it is bad out there, I AM going to get my leather coat wet, I DON’T have the right shoes on, I have to TRAVEL tomorrow in this stuff!!! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!

Hold on just a minute, what am I acting this way? I have more blessings that I can count and I’m going to allow WEATHER to make me forget about ALL of those blessings?

My Point:
Really? God has blessed us with SOOOO many things, quit hanging around people that complain, YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!!

p.s. I’m gonna go out a play in the rain!!!

MORE HIM, less me

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