Tis the season…


As we continue in this holiday season, we look forward to enjoying time with family and friends, eating lots of goodies, opening a few gifts, buying/making something special for someone special, and celebrating the closing of one year and the beginning of another… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to STOP during this crazy, busy time and remember that God sent His son to bring Peace, Hope, Love, & Joy…

My family, friends and I are going to have A LOT of fun, eat LOTS of food, and enjoy each others company, but we WILL stop Christmas Day and enjoy a time of Communion together…Why? Because I NEVER want to forget…

My Point:
During this time, don’t forget, in everything you do and say, lift up the name of Jesus… When we do, He (Jesus) says, HE will drawn all people to Himself!!!

MORE HIM, less me

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