Amazed as I watch…


Spending time with in-laws, out-laws, or friends and family during this holiday time has been AMAZING… We have spent a lot of time together laughing, playing games, eating, bowling, (which I haven’t done in a while) and so much more!!! I hope you are enjoying time with people you love!!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go see my son-in-law, daughter & two grandsons… We had lunch together and allowed the grand kids to “break-the-ice” again… We only get to see them about every other month. (They live about 4hrs away) my son-in-law & daughter allowed us to bring our oldest grandson home with us for about a week…

As I sit here writing this blog I am also watching him interact with different things, books, doors, cups, toys & stuff we have around our house… You see, we don’t “baby-proof” our home, we just teach our grandson what he can and can’t do…

Since the last time we saw him, just over a month, he is now actually making sense.. He’s putting words together, doing things that he couldn’t do before!! As i sit here and watch him, I am AMAZED!!!

It got me thinking, when I haven’t seen people in a while, do they notice me growing up? Do they see me doing things I didn’t do before? Do they see me learning more than before?

My Point:
I hope, like my grandson, I am growing and changing daily!!

MORE HIM, less me

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