I LOVE trash…


I woke up this morning to the smell of my wife making a delicious breakfast… We sat at the dining room table together and enjoyed our food and time together.. After breakfast, I grabbed my iPad to catch up on the latest news and sift through emails… As I began deleting all the junk emails, I came across an email from the guy that does our church website, here is the actual email:

All of 2012 sermons are archived!

If you look in the backend of WordPress – where you add the sermons, there are now 46 sermons in the “trash” – DO NOT DELETE THESE! I am utilizing the “trash” as an archive, that way it removes these sermons from the main page, but we can still link to all the images, notes, and more detailed pages that you have made – less work for all! So don’t delete those, just add more to the Published side and they will show up on the sermons page as normal – and these will remain on our archived pages.

The more I read, the more I understood what he was doing, He was taking something meant for junk, you know stuff you no longer need, the stuff that doesn’t mean anything to you, the trash, and he was using it as a storage device for our archived sermons!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!

My Point:God takes the container of trash (our lives, the way we used to only care about ourselves, the way we were before Jesus, and uses THAT trash can to affect the lives of family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors and so many more, FOR ETERNITY!! That’s pretty amazing!! Don’t empty the trash, use it for something great!!

MORE HIM, less me

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