Cutting Vegetables…


My wife and I were busy all day long, she was at the “Beautiful” Conference, watching 400 young ladies praising God and learning… I’ve been busy with “Stuff” all day… When she came home, we had to go run some errands & pick up some groceries for a baby shower for some great friends…

Now, you have to understand, we have a VERY small kitchen, but I REALLY wanted to spend time with my wife, so I decided I was going to help her cut the vegi’s for the Vegetable Tray…

So, we did what we had to do, we tripped over each other, got in each others way, had to wait on each other to finish what they were doing before the other one could do stuff, we pushed each other out of the way (in fun)…

My Point: Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to spend time with those whom you want to be with… I LOVE spending time with my family, I’ll give up whatever comfort I need to, to spend time with them!! How about you?

MORE HIM, less me

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