Extreme Makeover, Stage edition…


This past year, we at Capital City Church have decided that we will no longer be satisfied with the way things are, we made a commitment to “Do things Different.” Over the last month, a team of people from our church decided that we were going to do something small, but with a BIG impact… We were going to change the way our stage & lobby looked.

January 1st, 2013 at 1:00pm, we began the transformation, the team decided that we were going to “Get in Done” by the next Sunday… WHAT? We had 1 week to complete the job?!?!? 5 days and 12-14hrs. a day, we worked, sweated, painted, stapled, and on, and on… The next Sunday, we unveiled a 95% complete transformation…

My Point: you can accomplish more as a team, than you can alone… If you’re not part of a team, join one… If you can’t find a team, let me know, I’ll connect you with a team… Jesus didn’t design us to do this life alone…

MORE HIM, less me

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