Facebook Friends?!?!?!?!

facebook_logoI have 1,311 friends on Facebook.  I don’t say this to brag, but to point out that there is no way I actually have a relationship with all of those people.

In reality, I have a couple good friends.
On facebook I have connections with acquaintances, people from my past, friends of friends, people who care about the same things I care about, people I used to know well, etc.

The key point, though, is that I often catch myself thinking that I really do know most of those people.

I see their status updates.
I see their interactions with others.
I remember what they were like when I knew them more closely.
And I regard our relationship as continuing, current, and vibrant…
when really, it isn’t.

Some of them have new jobs,  a spouse, children.
They’re the same people, of course, that I knew in jr. high (for example), but I shouldn’t  assume that they haven’t changed at all since then.
No matter how much I’ve seen on their Timeline we’d still have a lot to catch up on if we sat down in person to chat.

Sometimes I think, maybe, my relationship with God is like my relationship with my Facebook “friends”.

I sometimes catch myself thinking I’m in a vibrant, current, continuing relationship with God just because we’re connected in some esoteric way.

I see what he’s up to in the world.
I see what and who he’s interacting with.
I know some people who know him pretty well.
I remember what he was like the last time I talked to Him.
But maybe it’s been a while since then.

If I truly believe that God is alive and active, if I believe that my heavenly father is real, is a divine person, then knowing him relationally has to be an ongoing continuous process.

And maybe I need to catch up with him in person if I’m going to keep thinking of myself as a “friend” of his.

My Point:

What about you?

He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… but what is he to you?
A friend of some friends of yours?  Or your God?
Do you walk and talk with Him in the garden? Or are you content to hear stories about some other people that did that once?
Is that time you felt really close to Him getting further and further in the past?
Have sat at his feet lately? Or are you busying yourself around the house?

Do you need to catch up with him in person?

MORE HIM, less me


One response

  1. Heather Corbo

    Wow that is really good.

    January 25, 2013 at 10:23 am

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