The Notebook…


Over the last several weeks, my wife and I have been communicating in a different way… On top of still talking and spending time together, we have decided to write to each other everyday… Not just mushy little love notes, but real letters to each other… It has been a VERY amazing process… We decorated a cheap notebook from the dollar store with some of my wife’s scrap booking stuff and then used “modge podge” on it. (whatever that is…it looked like runny Elmer’s glue to me) every day we write out thoughts, ask questions of each other, define stuff for each other, and ALWAYS tell each other what we are feeling that day… It’s really cool to share each others thoughts, but everyday? It’s been AMAZING!!

My Point:When is the last time you REALLY communicated with the ones you love? Take some time to do that today…

MORE HIM, less me

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