Living a Blessed Life…


Over the past 7 weeks, we have had the opportunity to see and lead people through life changing decisions… It’s been one of the most blessed times of our lives… It’s been a whirlwind experience… People have made decisions to show outward examples of inward victories, people publicly sharing God’s blessings, people publicly totally changing there lives, and on and on!!! We have seen the blessing of God, it seems like on a daily basis…

The funny thing is, when you are seeing and experiencing God’s blessings, the things that use to be huge obstacles, are no longer an obstacle… You see those obstacles that once seemed SO BIG you couldn’t see ANY possible solution, are more like non-events… It’s not that those obstacles don’t happen, but it’s your perspective has changed, you see that God hears, see’s, knows your situation, that He has GREAT plans for you, that HIS purposes are good, that He LOVES and CARES about you!!

My Point: I’m looking forward to continuing to see all Life Change Ahead!!

MORE HIM, less me

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