There’s an App for that!


Unleash your living room!

iphone-app-store2“Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that showed you all of the cool parties, bars and restaurants that you could be hitting tonight? Of course it would. But you know what would be even better? A social application that will lie and say you are already doing those things while you sit at home in your pajamas.”Some tag lines from the site; “Life, without the hassle of Living”, also, “ I can finally be who I want you to think I am. ”  and last but not least, “ I spent hours researching fun things to do, but I got too tired to actually do them. ”

Seriously? Who wants to live life without living? Well, this app allows you to be somewhere you’re not, Live life to the least and make everyone else think you’re living it to the fullest,

Is this really how people want to live? I for one, am GOING to live life to the fullest… I’m GOING to spend time with my wife, kids & grandkids… I’m GOING to develop healthy relationships… I’m GOING to go on adventures… I’m GOING to love God and love others…

What are you GOING to do?

(I wonder if this will catch on in Church?)

My Point: Be who you are, and be WHERE you are…

MORE HIM, less me


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