1. Simplicity unclutters our lives
Daily living becomes jammed with stuff, activities, urgent tasks, chores, appointments, responsibilities and information. When we simplify, we choose to eliminate a lot of this. An uncluttered life is an untied life. Simplicity gives us back the life we have given up to all the clutter.

2. A simpler life gives us more time to relax
By eliminating much of the excess in our lives, we have more time to relax. Our possessions no longer require so much of our time. We don’t have to work as hard to maintain our lifestyle which gives us more time to unwind. A relaxed mind is more creative and effective. Simplicity frees us up to do what we want instead of what we have to do.

3. A simpler life means fewer interruptions
We have time to have a conversation. All our activities and engagements are constantly tugging us away from quiet time with those that matter the most to us. In the end, how much of what we are doing is going to matter? It is usually the least important things that force us to put the truly important on the back burner.

4. Simplicity allows us to focus
Narrowing our field of view allows us to focus on what is really important. Things creep into our life until it is so crowded that we can’t decide where we should apply our attention. It takes effort and some difficult choices to simplify, but it is worth it because simplification will allow you to accomplish more on what really matters.

I think the perfect picture of simplicity is the Gospel… To many times, we make God to complicated… He gave us two simple things to do…Love God, and Love Others… Pretty simple..

I’m convinced, I will simplify my life…

MORE HIM, less me

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