I am attending a roundtable meeting today that is discussing the spread of God’s Word around the world… There is about 60 other people attending… The speaker, Dr. Ronald Maddux, the Director of the Northern Asia region is speaking on the “Untold, the Unfolding and the Changing face of Northern Asia… He shared some statistics from the last 64 yrs… In 1949 there were 1,000,000 believers in China, in 2013 there is 108,000,000 believers in China… WHAT?!?!? That means that they have influenced 107,000,000 people to take a step of faith in 64 years!!!

Am I doing enough? If you added the number of people that you PERSONALLY have shared God’s Word with PLUS everyone THEY have shared God’s Word, PLUS, etc, etc, etc…. would that add up to 107,000,000 people????

My Point:
I’ve got A LOT of work to do… I need to be a better influencer..

MORE HIM, less me

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