A full plane & crying kids = peace & quiet…


I was looking back and reading my journals from the past few years and found a letter I wrote.. I have to admit, it was written while reading a book that really spoke volumes to my soul.. This was written after a long flight I was on that included two young kids, a crying baby, and a full plane!!! the problem was, none of the kids were mine!!! my only relief was my “Noise Canceling Headphones”!! This is an excerpt…

“Lord, I confess to you that it’s hard for me to be quiet and silent. I want to hear your voice, but my world is filled with so much noise that I usually miss your gentle nudges. The craziness of activity in my life drowns out your voice. I feel disconnected. I don’t fully understand why it is so difficult to be still and rest in you. I often feel like a rubber band that is stretched too tightly.
I’m sure the diagnosis involves taking a hard look at my drivenness and performance mentality. I also know that I need to own this. I am not a victim of circumstance or situation. My lack of solitude is a reflection of choices that I make. I just want to tell you that I need you and desire to change this area of my life. Help it to be enough just to be with you.”

I want to to make choices that give me both the connectedness with Christ and the business of ministry… I love staying busy!!! I love connecting with people, I love being around people!!! But I also need to remember that times of solitude are crucial…

My Point: Take time to LIVE LIFE, but also take time to put on your Noise Canceling Headphones…

MORE HIM, less me

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