And the journey continues…


As you may have picked up on by now… I’m on a journey right now… a journey of health… I have discovered (or rediscovered) our bodies affects us. Good or bad, it has a direct impact on your self-image.

We are all affected by our body image. Granted, some are less affected than others, but they are the minority. Most of us are quite conscious of our body. And rightly so. Truth is, the shape (health) of our body has a direct impact on everything we do in life. Period. When we are in better shape, we perform better in most things. When we are in poor shape, we perform worse than our potential. That’s just the way it is. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are comfortable with your body image or not. What really matters is are you making your body work for you? Or, is it, and all of its cravings, or laziness, working against you?

How do you take charge of your body? ONLY 2 areas for now (more later): eating & exercising. That’s it. Only 2 things to focus on. Yet, how huge are both of them when it comes to your body.

My Point: Realize the power of each & every decision you make.

MORE HIM, less me

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