Network Marketing


“Advertising doesn’t create interest; at best, it creates awareness. And, that is not always a good thing. Cancer has awareness, and nobody wants that. Nearly 70% of consumers say they are interested in products that enable them to block out advertising.”

This is a statement in a book I am reading AGAIN…

Sometimes I feel “the Church” over-promises and under-delivers. I guess that’s part of feeling as if you’ve been sold a bill of goods. It promises love, joy, peace and purpose. It says give and you’ll receive. It says be a good person and good things will happen to you. Become a Christian and your life will change. Yeah, sorta…

It reminds me of a network marketing organization (many of which, by the way, are launched within church setting). You have a bunch of people who aren’t good at sales out trying to sell with a little bit of information about their product. They over-hype and make promises they can’t possibly keep. It’s a second-class, circus-like sales organization that people don’t take seriously.

My Point: What is it that we can truly promise a seeker or a believer? I believe we can do better. We just need a better plan.. Let’s not forget, “He (Jesus) came to bring us (ALL of us) life, and life more abundant!!!”

MORE HIM, less me

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