“Everybody has an Opinion…” Have you ever heard that said? NOW, have you ever added the rest of that statement??? sayings like, “opinions are like elbows”, or “opinions are like ears”, or “opinions are like armpits”. Or, you fill in the blank… When you say that, are you responding to someone else’s opinion about a topic? or are you preempting a comment that you are about to make?… First off, what makes you think that people need to hear YOUR opinion? Is it because you feel that you need to say something because everyone else needs to hear it, or do you have a legitimate comment to ADD to the conversation?

I attended a mtg with a lot of leaders yesterday, they were leaders of all different size churches and ministries from different types of cultures… During the breaks, they talked, asked questions and mingled with each other… I intently listened to many of those conversation (not like stalking, or in a creepy way). I was in the conversations, but CHOSE not to add my input… I wanted to see who added there own input and why…

My Point: when you decide to add your two cents to a conversation, think about why you’re going to say what you are going to say, and WHY are you going to say WHAT you’re going to say? Go ahead and comment on what you have heard or said…”Opinion are like _______”

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